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Yes, our Skinlight light therapy mask is suitable for everyone, young and old. The difference is the choice of light frequency which is chosen based on the skin need that may be.

NOTE: Light therapy should not be used by: Children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, epileptics, light allergy sufferers, people with eye diseases or very sensitive eyes, as well as for open wounds.

Or if one suffers from the following conditions such as:

Overactive thyroid gland
Skin cancer
Diabetes (due to the retina of the eye being impaired by diabetes)

The red light is the one that goes deep into the skin and sets in motion the collagen boost and blood circulation, which makes the skin work faster and thus renew itself faster.
No, the Skinlight light therapy mask must be used on completely clean and freshly cleansed skin. Creams and serums should be applied afterwards.
Yes and it is actually a super idea 🙂 An example could be: 15 min. red light for collagen boost of the skin, followed by 15 min. blue light to combat pigment changes, redness and impurities
No, there are no registered side effects with light therapy. The LED light used in the mask does not get hot and contains no UVA and UVB rays, which are harmful to the skin.

Yes, absolutely! They are the ones who make all the difference. You can read more about the explanation of all seven color frequencies under the product description here: https://www.shopmedicoline.dk/product-page/skinlight-lysterapimaske
Red (~ 630-760 nm)
One of the most powerful colors to increase blood circulation. Stimulates the skin cells to secrete collagen, so that a firm and smooth skin structure is achieved.
The red light penetrates 8-10 mm and is suitable for all skin types.

Blue (~ 400-450 mn)
Has an excellent effect on relieving impurities by beating down the skin inflammation that lies in the subcutaneous tissue and teases.
The blue light has a soothing effect, and is suitable for skin that is sensitive, oily and prone to skin irritation.

Green (~ 525-550 nm)
The green light which lies between the red and the blue light, is suitable for mixed / combined skin and good for fine lines with a tendency to uneven skin surface.
At the same time, the relief of the skin can make both the body and the skin relax.

Purple (425-435 nm)
Relaxing and improving lymph metabolism. The purple light strengthens the tissue's protein fibers, reduces pores and at the same time eliminates yellowish undertones on the face, wrinkles and work with skin that tends to impurities.

Cyan (~ 500-640nm)
Gentle treatment of impurities and relief of irritated skin. The cyan colored light can adjust the function of the skin glands and thus improve oily skin, blackheads, redness and impurities.
At the same time, the synthesis of protein and collagen is promoted, which causes the skin to activate and contract.

Yellow / Light green (~ 560-590 nm)
Improves blood circulation and inhibits melamine production so that dark spots, freckles and impurities are lightened.

White (~ 630 nm)
Relaxing and good against winter fatigue
40000 Lux

Yes, definitely! The blue light has an excellent effect on relieving impurities as well as improving sensitive skin. The blue light adjusts the skin's sebum secretion, thus effectively processing impurities and blackheads. In other words: the blue light attenuates the inflammatory condition of the skin. The active and inflamed skin will calm down.
Yes, absolutely! All places where the mask can be placed so that it covers the desired area, e.g. hands, legs, arms, chest, etc.

Yes absolutely! The light affects the subcutaneous tissue, not the muscles that botox works on.
We recommend waiting with the light therapy treatments until after 1 week, so that the weight of the mask does not put too much pressure on the injected areas and the botox risks moving.

Yes, absolutely! Light therapy treatment of the skin is beneficial for all skin types.

We recommend that you keep your eyes closed during treatment and do not look any longer into the LEDs. Eye protection glasses included!

The Skinlight light therapy mask is equipped with LED lamps which have a very long life. The tested service life is approx. 3-4 years, but it depends a lot on how much or how little the mask is used.

The Skinlight light therapy mask is equipped with as many as 152 LED LEDs, evenly distributed in the mask so that it covers all areas except the eyes and mouth. LED works with natural light waves without harmful UVA / UVB rays.

Yes, without problems. However, we recommend waiting 3 weeks after the end of treatment to use the light therapy again. The natural light waves that are transmitted to the skin via the LEDs do not degrade the skin, but instead build up the skin from within. So light therapy is only one benefit.

No, light therapy treatments can not provoke vascular rupture. The mask treats with natural light waves and does not contain UVA / UVB rays that are harmful to health.

The irradiance / brightness value is 29.8mw / cm2 for all colors.

The rubber membrane at the eyes is made of Organic Silica Gel and is hypoallergenic. Should, unexpectedly, an irritation occur at the membrane, these can be easily removed completely from the mask. Just gently pull them out of their groove and use the Skinlight light therapy mask without the membrane instead. A cotton ball can be placed over the eye instead if desired, but is not a necessity.

Light waves are electromagnetic oscillations and move very fast and at a speed of 300.000 km / s. At the same time, the wavelength is very small and is measured in what we call nanometers (nm).
The eye can only perceive light with wavelengths between 400 nm and 800 nm, and the wavelength of light determines the color we can see. The color changes as the wavelength changes, just like the colors of a rainbow.


The light waves interact with the biological system in the skin, called photobiostimulation. It can be compared to the way a plant captures the energy from the sun so that it can grow, the so-called photosynthesis.


The red light has the highest wavelength (nm) and penetrates deep into the skin, reducing the breakdown of elastin in the connective tissue. This wavelength will also increase the production of collagen in the skin and improve the general condition of the connective tissue.


The greenish frequencies are used to regulate the pigmentation of the skin. Green frequencies are absorbed by the pigment cells found in the innermost layer of the epidermis (called the basal layer), which produce melamine.
In the “dermal” layer, just below the “basal” layer of the skin, the green frequency will stabilize melamine production, just like that.


The bluish frequencies interact with the essential molecules of the bacteria (called Porphyrines), and work by capturing these molecules and eliminating them, so that the bacteria die and the skin inflammation is thus alleviated.
We do not recommend using the mask if you have been diagnosed with melasma. Melasma responds not only to UV rays but light in general. In addition, melasma can be aggravated by heat.
Our SKINLIGHT light therapy mask shines with diodes (not UVA / UVB) and since the mask is close to the skin, a small pleasant warmth is also given to the face. But direct light and direct heat are "no-go" in this diagnosis.

A little tip: use sun shade instead of a sun hat in the summer so that the head can get rid of the heat and not be locked inside.
Red light: 8333 Lux

Blue light: 6666 Lux

Green light: 25000 Lux

Purple light: 13333

Cyan light: cannot be measured as it is a mixture of several brightnesses

Yellow / Bright green light: 33333 Lux

White light: 40000 Lux
(NOTE: Some also call this light "Laser" light, BUT the light has nothing to do with lPL or other laser form)
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