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I had wanted the mask as a Christmas present as the only one 🥰 and have already gotten some amazing results. My stress pimples are gone 🥰 Fast customer service ♥ ️ I am at least a very happy user who will definitely recommend the product to everyone 🥰
Julie Silverstein Markussen
I have tried my light therapy mask twice, where it is clear to feel and see what good effect it has on the skin to use the light therapy mask. Absolutely excellent product. Easy and simple to use.
Marianne Hylander Andreassen
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EautBeauty hacks that really work🌸 Beautiful Cath goes to great lengths in her skin care and actually uses both our SKINlight light therapy mask, our SKINcryo cold therapy roller and our latest SKINlift EMS device. All at their own time and depending on the needs of the skin🌸. We love beauty hacks and especially those that work🥰 Thank you dear @cathdanneskiold for sharing your beauty hacks with us💐❤️ Visit our website and see our wonderful products👇🏻www.shopmedicoline.dk #medicoline_healthandbeauty #shopmedicoline #healthandbeauty #skinlift #sundhud # light therapy #ems #microcurrent # dba2022
DANISH BEAUTY AWARD 2022🌟 ... and our latest shot on the trunk, SKINlift EMS & Light Therapy, are currently being tested by the judging panel. It's nerve-wracking and exciting if we can once again run away with a nomination ... We believe in it ***
❄️ CRYOTHERAPY❄️ Give your face the cold shiver, and achieve a freshness as if you had dipped your face in the snow⛄️. Your pores will contract and your skin will radiate freshness. ❄️ Counteracts tired and swollen areas, eyes, legs, feet, etc. ❄️ Firms on enlarged leeks and tired skin ❄️ Relieves irritation and redness ❄️ Pain relief by e.g. migraine attacks and muscle and nerve tension ❄️ Can be used as a cooling element in case of overheating / fever - roll on forehead, temples and neck ❄️ Particularly good for relieving swelling after laser / injection treatments, such as lip treatments, restylane, tattoo removal, etc. An all-round product which the whole family can benefit from🙏🏻.
Gode ​​Good properties of the massage 💕 Massage with Gua Sha and face rollers of crystal, is known to relieve tension and activate blood circulation. An ancient tradition that originated in China🙏🏻. Use a greasy cream or a wonderful oil, and start the massage while sitting on the sofa, for a good movie. It is easy and incredibly comfortable, and not something that requires extraordinary time in a busy day. The result is a skin with good glow and healthy radiance❤️ Our SKINcrystal set of real rose quartz crystal, contains face roller with replaceable massage heads and Gua Sha massage stones. In addition, it is in a beautifully executed box, as a beautiful prop for the bathroom shelf💕 See more here👉🏻 https://shopmedicoline.dk/vare/skincrystal-rosenkvarts-krystalsaet/
💕 Self-Love & Self-Care 💕 A Golden plate of Self-love on an friday night🙏🏻. Treat yourself good Ladies, your worth it😉❤️ #ledlighttherapy #EMS #microcurrent #guashamassage #rosequartz #cryotherapy #skin care #skinlightlysterapimaske #skinlift #skincryo #skincrystal #medicoline #shopmedicoline #healthandbeautyproducts #collagen #sundhudS
⚡️SKINlift⚡️ Electrical muscle stimulation and light therapy. The same effective light frequencies as we know them from our popular SKINlight light therapy mask. The perfect partner - for the skin with the first signs of aging and for prevention💪🏻 #shopmedicoline #healthandbeauty #ems #light therapy #ledlighttherapy #home treatment #antiage # Wrinkles #acne
✨GiveAway✨ In collaboration with @janniree_ we have made a GiveAway competition on our new SKINlift unit, which you dear followers should also have the opportunity to participate in❤️. You participate in the GiveAway contest directly on the @janniree profile, NOT ours. So jump in and take part in the competition, Good luck🤞🏻🌸
💕 RECOMMENDATION💕 Thank you from the bottom of my heart for another wonderful recommendation, 1000 thanks🙏🏻. The light of the mask can do so much, and here it has helped on a stressed skin during an exam period. The skin responds to many things. Both influences like wind and weather, but also from within, the skin lets us tell if something is out of balance⚖️. Thank you for sharing with us, dear Cecilie Wiese Bang it is highly appreciated❤️ See more before and after photos here👉🏻 https://shopmedicoline.dk/foer-og-efter-billeder/
✨GiveAway✨ In collaboration with @my_sweetuniverse, we have made a GiveAway competition on our new SKINlift unit, which you dear followers should also have the opportunity to participate in❤️. You are entering the GiveAway contest directly on @my_sweetuniverse's profile, NOT ours. So jump in and take part in the competition, Good luck🤞🏻🌸
The winner of our GiveAway has been found - BIG congratulations to @rikkerix ❤️🎄🤶 4. AVENT GIVEAWAY - SKINlift EMS - Light Therapy 💡 The last prize we have up for grabs in this year's Advent competitions is the beautiful SKINlift EMS - Light Therapy! If you would like to feel the amazing benefits of using it, then this is your chance now! Value DKK 1384 🤩 SKINlift EMS microcurrent & Light Therapy unit, makes use of two important discoveries within the beauty industry. EMS = Electrical Muscle Stimulation and Light Therapy. Together, they "train" the muscles and contribute to lifting the connective tissue and improving the skin's elasticity while the light waves promote blood circulation and stimulate the skin cells to secrete collagen, so that a better elasticity is achieved in the skin. All you have to do to participate is to tell us in the comments field how many times a week we recommend using SKINlift (pssst .. you can find the answer on our website😉 You are also very welcome to follow @medicoline_healthandbeauty The competition ends on Thursday d. December 23, 2021 at 19.00 We draw a lucky winner immediately after who will be contacted directly! Good luck 🤍 #medicoline #shopmedicoline #Competition #WindWindWind #Wind #Prebelie #Giveaway #skinlift #skin care #beauty #sundhud #light therapy # EMS #home treatment #microcurrent
NEW - Covid-19 Home test - 98,72% accuracy 😷 As many of you may not know, we also sell products to the hospital industry, and hence now this relevant notice which should also benefit you🙏🏻. We have received a very limited batch of the approved Corona home test, Boson in stock💉. A test that is sold out around the country! Of course, you must also be offered these as the holiday is just around the corner and we would like to celebrate it together, in the safest possible way🎄. This test provides extra safety and security if, for example. must be with an extra vulnerable person, or before the upcoming Christmas events. NOTE: The test does not apply as Coronapas Purchased here: https://shopmedicoline.dk/vare/boson-corona-hjemmetest-5-pak/ 5 pcs. DKK 249
The winner of our 3rd Advent GiveAway has been found🎄. BIG congratulations to @mariaguldagermikkelsen, you are the lucky winner of our SKINlight light therapy mask. A PB has been sent🎄🤶 3.ADVENT GIVEAWAY- SKINlight💡 Would you like to win a SKINlight LIGHTING THERAPY MASK for home use worth DKK 1195. 🤩 The light therapy mask has a number of advantages, it will i.a. 🌟 Give glow, smooth and make your skin clearer 🌟 Tighten and improve your skin's structure 🌟 Improve your skin's elasticity, which reduces and prevents wrinkles 🌟 Minimize pores and fight impurities 🌟 Help reduce inflammation / inflammatory conditions in the skin Everything you need to do for to participate is to tell us in the comments field what color light from the light therapy mask has a rejuvenating / antiage (pssst .. you can find the answer on our website) 😉 You are also very welcome to follow @medicoline_healthandbeauty The competition ends on Friday 17 December 2021 at 19.00 We will draw a lucky winner immediately after, who will be contacted directly! Good luck 🤍 #medicoline #shopmedicoline #Competition #WinWindWind #Win #Premise #Giveaway #skinlight #skin care #beauty #sundhud #light therapy #home treatment
⚡️EMS - MICROCURRENT⚡️ What is EMS / microcurrent really, and what does it contribute? EMS = stands for electrical muscle stimulation and is low frequency current. Low-frequency current activates the cells in both skin and muscles with gentle electrical impulses, which thereby contribute to the lifting of the connective tissue👍🏻. EMS Muscle Stimulation has been seen in connection with body treatments for many years. Both firming, but also muscle toning. Using electrical impulses in his facial care is new, and has shown super results in lifting the connective tissue. Our SKINlift unit treats both with electrical impulses for lifting connective tissue, AS well as with our well-known light therapy frequencies, for improved skin structure🌸. Remember we still run intro offers, but only for a limited period👉🏻 https://shopmedicoline.dk/vare/skinlift-ems-lysterapi-microcurrent/ #ems #lysterapi #shopmedicoline #healthandbeauty #skinlight #skinlift #sundhud #collagen # skønhed #antiage
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The winner of our 2nd Advent GiveAway has been drawn and the lucky winner is @louisesbang 🎄 BIG CONGRATULATIONS🎄🌸🎄🌸🎄🌸 2.ADVENT GIVEAWAY - SKINcrystal 💖 Are you as fascinated by the Rose Quartz Crystal, the stone of love as us? Then you better read on! Now you have the opportunity to pamper yourself, or someone you care about, with our Rosenkvarts all-in-one face roller set with 3 interchangeable heads, as well as a delicious Gua Sha stone worth DKK 499. Massage with a face roller and- or Gua Sha stones, increases blood circulation and loosens muscle tension. Your skin gets a renewed glow and gets a more youthful and healthy look. ✨ All you have to do to enter the contest is tell us in the comments section if you want the fingers in the set for yourself or if you want to donate it to a lucky recipient! You are also very welcome to follow @medicoline_healthandbeauty The competition ends on Friday 10 December 2021 at 19.00 We will draw a lucky winner immediately after, who will be contacted directly! Good luck 🤍 #medicoline #shopmedicoline #Competition #WindWindWind #Wind #Premise #Giveaway #skincrystal #skin care #beauty #sundhud #guasha #rose quartz
The winner of our 1st Advent GiveAway has been found🙏🏻 BIG congratulations to @juliewermuth 🎄🎁 1st ADVENT GIVEAWAY - SKINcryo Cold Therapy ❄️ Now you have the opportunity to participate in this year's MOST BEAUTIFUL Advent competition and today the first Advent, there is an ice cold prize on vertical! You can win the fantastic SKINcryo Cold Therapy Roll to a value of DKK 249. 😍 The Cold Therapy Roll can be used to reduce pain and muscle tension in both face, neck and body. Swelling of the skin as well as redness / irritation and not least for a fantastic fresh start to the day. All you have to do to enter the competition is show us your best ice cold emoji in the comments field 🥶 🧊 🍦 You are also very welcome to follow @medicoline_healthandbeauty The competition ends on Friday 3 December 2021 at 19.00 We will draw a lucky winner immediately after, who will be contacted directly! Good luck 🤍 #medicoline #shopmedicoline #Competition #WindWindWind #Win #Premise #Giveaway #skincryo #skin care #beauty #sundhud
⚡️SKINlift EMS⚡️ Next step skin care❤️ Read more here👉🏻 https://shopmedicoline.dk/vare/skinlift-ems-lysterapi-microcurrent/ #skincare #ems #shopmedicoline #medicoline #healthandbeauty #skin care #light therapy #skinlift #skinlight #ledlight #emsfacial
🎄 CHRISTMAS SET OF THE YEAR🎄 Then this year's SKINlight Christmas set is online and you will be extra pampered this year🥳. The set consists of our Luxury set containing, SKINlight mask, neck collar, wireless remote control AND the new Exquisite bio-cellulose masks, fullsize box😍. Free Christmas gift from us to you - value DKK 595, - 🎁 Buy the set here👉🏻 https://shopmedicoline.dk/vare/skinlight-maske-halskrave-inkl-gratis-gaveaeske/
🌸SKINlift EMS & Light Therapy 🌸 2 fantastic treatment methods, united in one👏🏻. ✨EMS: electronic muscle stimulation contributes to a lifting of the connective tissue and activation of the facial muscles. YLight therapy: light frequencies work in the depth of the skin and work actively on various skin challenges. Read more about our introductory offer on our new SKINlift here👉🏻 https://shopmedicoline.dk/vare/skinlift-ems-lysterapi-microcurrent/
OsRosacea🌸 Redness of the skin, heat in the cheeks and a sudden violent redness which rises into the air and results in headaches are some of the typical signs of rosacea. A chronic condition that often affects women, but sometimes also men🙏🏻. A condition that is difficult to defeat and requires a good deal of patience. BUT several things can be done, among others. the blue light in our SKINlight mask for home use can be a good helping hand for just rosacea. Pictures are from the customer himself and speak for themselves🥰. See more before and after pictures here👉🏻 https://shopmedicoline.dk/foer-og-efter-billeder/
✨ THANK YOU IS A POOR WORD ✨… with the amazing customers we have us❤️. Hold up now, a wildly nice message that has been ticked in with us. 1000 angels-thank you @jiannes, you are a star🌟 SKINlight light therapy 👉🏻 https://shopmedicoline.dk/vare/skinlight-lysterapimaske/
Crack cancer❤️ Remember that steadily, all amounts large and small make a difference🙏🏻 # crack crab flower
SKINlight light therapy - your light therapy mask for home use🌸 Making an effort with your skin care is never too late🙏🏻
EF EFFECT OF LIGHT THERAPY💡 The effect of light therapy is now quite clear, and our own documentation speaks for itself💪🏻. https://shopmedicoline.dk/foer-og-efter-billeder/ SKINlight light therapy is an effective and yet mild treatment, for even the most sensitive skin🌸. If you are struggling with impurities / acne, rosacea - redness and visible blood vessels, eczema, psoriasis, sun damage or just want an improved skin structure and take action against aging, then SKINlight light therapy is an effective helper in everyday life💪🏻. Our SKINlight light therapy mask is for home use, so you can treat exactly when you have time and profit🙏🏻.
ØrBefore and After✨ 3 weeks, there is exactly between these 3 images, and the result speaks for itself - time and time again we see what our SKINlight light therapy mask can accomplish💪🏻🤩. Perioral Dermatitis that Mette suffers from is a hormonal acne that can strike all of a sudden, even in adulthood. SKINlight light therapy mask for home use, Mette has used each other day for 3 weeks, with the blue light. The blue light has proven to be very effective on several different inflammatory conditions in the subcutaneous tissue, and on our website you can see many of the great results customers have shared with us over time❤️. 👉🏻 https://shopmedicoline.dk
1000 thanks for the sweet words💕💐
✨SKINlight light therapy - skin care with a place among the favorites✨ Nominated at the Danish Beauty Award 2019 in 2 categories💪🏻🙏🏻. 🌸 Gives glow, smoothes and makes the skin clearer 🌸 Tightens and improves the skin's structure 🌸 Improves skin elasticity, which reduces and prevents wrinkles 🌸 Minimizes pores and fights impurities 🌸 Can help reduce inflammation / inflammatory conditions in the skin
Bedtime skincare❤️
🦠 SOFT DISINFECTION 🦠 Corona is “blown away”, but we still need to be aware of ourselves and others❤️ CLEANISEPT wipes are non-alcoholic disinfectant cleaning wipes, specially developed for delicate and sensitive non-alcoholic surfaces, such as acrylic, imitation leather, benches, treatments / equipment etc. Even the car can be cleaned and disinfected with these wet wipes😉. Read more here👉🏻 https://shopmedicoline.dk/vare/cleanisept-wipes-alkoholfri-vaadservietter/